Poker is inarguably the most popular table game of all time. In fact, it is one of the oldest games found at casinos and there have been several variations of it invented over the years. In this guide, our experts will take you through the gameplay of some of these poker variations as well as their features. Visit to find the best gaming strategies to use.


How to Play Poker

As we stated in the previous paragraph, there are several variations of poker and each one has its own gameplay as well as features. However, there are some common rules that apply to almost all variations of poker. The winner of the game is usually decided based on the poker rankings. The player with the highest poker ranking gets the highest or all the winnings.

One of the popular variations of poker is the Texas Hold'em poker. To play this variation, the player that is left to the dealer button has to wager a small blind (SB). The next player to the SB also has to wager a big blind (BB). Once the blind bets have been placed, the dealer deals two cards to all the players on the table.

After the two cards have been dealt, the other players apart from the small blind and big blind then needs to continue the game by either calling the blind bet, raising it or folding. After that, the game goes to the flop, river and turn round before the showdown where the winner is decided. Besides Texas Hold'em, other variations of poker are Draw Poker, Omaha Hi and so on.

Free Poker Game

In the previous section, we have discussed the gameplay and rules of Texas Hold'em poker. To truly understand how online poker work, you need to play the game. You can play the free version that is available in the lobby of the best online casinos or the website of game developers. With free online poker, you can also get to test gaming strategies to see how they work.

  • Free poker can be used to practice the gameplay
  • Real money cannot be won in free poker

One important thing to know when playing online poker for free is that you cannot win real money from them. The reason is simple. These free games are available for testing purposes only. You can think of them as a simulator for the real money game but without the money reward. Nevertheless, free poker has the same features that come with their real money versions